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Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices Website Resources Page

Newborn Hearing Screening
Early Intervention Services
Wyoming Early Hearing, Detection, and Intervention (EHDI)  www.wyomingehdi.org
This link will provide you with information about newborn hearing screening and early
intervention services.
Contact phone number-Nancy Pajak (307) 721-6212

Educational and Advocacy Support
Wyoming Department of Education
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Outreach Services http://edu.wyoming.gov/Programs/services_for_the_deaf_hard_hearing.aspx
This link will provide you with information about services related intervention and educational support for your child birth through age 21.
Contact phone number-Janine Cole (307) 777-6376

Wyoming Parent Information Center (PIC)                       www.wpic.org
This link will provide you with information such as the pop up IEP, and other advocacy information and support resources. A link can also be found that will give information regarding support and referral to families of children with disabilities.
Contact phone number - Terri Dawson 1-800-660-9742    

Hands & Voices – National                                      www.handsandvoices.org
This link will provide you with additional advocacy information and support resources.
Parent contact phone numbers-Deb at (307)782-3228 or Wendy at (307)782-3276.
Hands & Voices National Office contact phone number: (303)492-6283 

Children's Special Health Services:
Wyoming Department of Health, Community and Public Health, Maternal and Family Health

Developmental Preschools:
Wyoming Department of Health Developmental Disabilities Division Preschool Organizations (Regional Child Development Centers) www.wdh.state.wy.us

Deaf Culture:
National Association of the Deaf
The Deaf Resource Library
Deaf Linx
Deaf Digest

Cochlear Implants Manufacturers:
Advanced Bionics - www.bionicear.com
Cochlear Corporation www.cochlear.com
MedEl www.medel.com
Cochlear Assistance Program www.thecni.org/hearing/assistance

Hearing Aid Bank
The bank has been established in order to assist families in the state of Wyoming with children who are in need of hearing aids who may not be able to acquire them any other way.  Please donate your hearing aids or inquire about receiving donated hearing aids by contacting Nancy Pajak at (307)721-6212 or Janine Cole at (307)777-6376. 

Hearing Aid Information:
Ear Info www.earinfo.com

Hearing Aid Manufacturers:
Beltone www.beltone.com
Bernafon-Macio Inc www.bernafonhearingaids.com
General Hearing Instruments, Inc www.generalhearing.com
Interton www.interton.com
Micro-Tech www.hearing-aid.com
Oticon, Inc www.oticon.com
Phonak, Inc www.phonak-us.com
Phonic Ear Inc www.phonicear.com
Resound Corp - www.gnresound-group.com
Rexton, Inc www.rexton.com
Siemens www.siemens-hearing.com
Sonic Innovations www.sonici.com
Starkey Labs www.starkey.com
Unitron www.unitronhearing.com
Westone www.westone.com
Widex www.widexusa.com

Hearing Aid Insurance:
ESCO www.earserv.com
Discovery Hearing Aid Industries www.earlab.pcmac.org
Midwest Hearing Industries www.mwhi.com
SoundAid Hearing Aid Warranties www.soundaid.com

Professional Contacts:
WSHA - Wyoming Speech & Hearing Association - www.wshaweb.org


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