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Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices Website Resources Page

Newborn Hearing Screening
Early Intervention Services
Wyoming Early Hearing, Detection, and Intervention (EHDI)  www.wyomingehdi.org
This link will provide you with information about newborn hearing screening and early
intervention services.
Contact phone number-Nancy Pajak (307) 721-6212

Educational and Advocacy Support
Wyoming Department of Education
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Outreach Services 

This link will provide you with information about services related intervention and educational support for your child birth through age 21.
Contact phone number-Janine Cole (307) 777-6376

Wyoming Parent Information Center (PIC)                       www.wpic.org
This link will provide you with information such as the pop up IEP, and other advocacy information and support resources. A link can also be found that will give information regarding support and referral to families of children with disabilities.
Contact phone number - Terri Dawson 1-800-660-9742    

Hands & Voices – National                                      www.handsandvoices.org
This link will provide you with additional information in many areas. 

Children's Special Health Services:
Wyoming Department of Health, Community and Public Health, Maternal and Family Health

Developmental Preschools:
Wyoming Department of Health – Developmental Disabilities Division – Preschool Organizations (Regional Child Development Centers) http://www.cdswy.org/

Wyoming Children's Hearing Aid Program - Contact Wendy at 307-780-6476 or Mashell at 307-258-8681.

If you need additional information please contact Wendy at 307-780-6476 or Mashell at 307-258-8681

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